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月度归档: 2017 年 5 月

odoo 赞一个!

玩了几个常用的CRM & ERP 系统,  发现了 odoo 测试了几个小时 odoo  从安装一直到使用.  整体感觉非常的简单易用. 因为是开源,基本功能也都免费.只需要搭个服务器 装上就开始用.  安装 也属于傻瓜式安装, 超不过10步 就可进入到正常工作状态. 对比了下 Linux 和Windows  两个平台上跑的效果, 发现一个小问题, 代码效率不高.  同时执行几个操作的时候 会有卡顿,安装新app的时候 也会有一点, 不过无伤大雅.    还是在正常承受范围之内. 支持世界上大多数语言,  界面友好, 很容易上手.   企业的基本和进阶需求 都可以满足! 再深入的 了解了解, 等可以熟练使用之后 再来更新. 先赞一个!!  

Why Use Odoo for Your Business?

From Biztech With the growing online market and entrepreneurs open to experimenting with newly emerging solutions in the market, it’s no more the ‘one thing dominates all’ scenario on the web. One can already observe the shift from conventional ‘tried and tested’ things. One such shift has been seen in the preference for an all-in-one business app suite. From market leaders like to upstarts like Zoho, everyone is jumping onto the bsuiness apps bandwagon even though all of them sta…

3*SSD 组 RAID 0 性能真的比单个SSD要快吗?

弄了三个 WD SSD 250G 组RAID 0 跑VM。Windows Server 2016 DC+ Hyper-V  感觉和单个SSD 速度差不过, 单个SSD 性能 读/写 450MB/s   三个放到一起 RAID 0  读/写 500MB/s    $%^*&&^(&*)(&(^*^*& 后悔当初没有提前测速, 环境都好了 才发现 这个问题。 总感觉是 哪里不对,至少上1G/s 吧。   等有空在继续研究   未完待续。。。      

Automatic update wordpress 4.6 is not working

As you mentioned this is a known issue and we are still working on it. We are trying to find the best way to fix it without changing permissions (for security reasons). In the meantime, you can try with the following workaround: Connect to your server via SSH and execute: sudo chown -R bitnami:daemon /opt/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content After that, you should be able to upgrade WordPress. Thanks in advance for your consideration and patience. We w…